1. Dear LSN Alumni members,

This is a difficult time not only in our country but in the world.  It is an especially difficult time for nurses, especially those working with patients with COVID-19.  For those nurses who are retired, there may be a feeling of guilt that we are no longer able to give nursing care to those in need.  Even though we might want to step in and help, we know we would not have the energy or, perhaps, not even the skills to care for these sick patients.  To all alumni members who are on the front lines and working so hard to care for COVID-19 and nonCOVID-19 patients, words cannot express our thanks to all of you and our prayers are with you. May you continue to have the stamina to carry out your duties and to remain healthy. 

As of this writing, I wish to encourage you to stay home if you are able, stay safe and healthy.

Mary Ann Kohring, Board President

2. Indiana Wesleyan University Online & Onsite RN-BSN

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3. Status Update on future of LSN

Recently our Alumni President spoke with the LSN Director and she shared the following information.The school will meet with the State Board of Nursing on December 10th  to discuss concerns the Board had, especially with the  financial solvency of the school and with educational professional development.Currently, the school has 40 students enrolled and continues, at this time, to have a moratorium on admitting new students.  That should change after December 10th if the Board of Nursing lifts the moratorium.  There is a new buyer for Alexian Hospital and the school.  This buyer (SA Acquisition) is expected to close on the properties on Oct. 1st.