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Membership Qualification Criteria

Applicants for the Alumni Association must be LSN graduates who are dues-paying, life, and courtesy members; or honorary members as defined by the Alumni Association By-Laws. Dues shall be paid annually and may be pre-paid. Current Dues are $35.00.

  1. Dues-paying membership shall be by payment of annual dues.
  2. Life membership shall be by payment of dues for twenty-five years.
  3. Courtesy membership is extended to all LSN graduates serving in foreign missions. These years count toward Life Membership. Dues are not required during mission service.
  4. Honorary membership may be conferred on persons who have rendered service to the Alumni Association and whom its members choose to honor.

Privileges of membership are:

  1. As dues-paying members, to vote and hold office
  2. As life members, to vote and hold office
  3. As courtesy members, to vote only
  4. As honorary members, to socialize only
  5. As members, to receive appropriate mailing and information from the Association.

Processing Fee:
Along with the renewal fee, any person renewing online via PayPal must pay a vendor processing fee which is a percentage determined by the renewal fee. The fee for this transaction will be $1.32.

Remember if you do not wish to pay this processing fee, you can renew by mail with a check or money order utilizing the renewal forms sent to you.

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